Are you a better coder than 2 weeks ago?

Hacker Retreat is a career accelerator for location-independent coders, offering 2-3 months of learning and networking in Berlin. The main idea is simple – get a bunch of friendly + experienced coders in the same room and everyone levels-up faster. Interests tend to be deep, like SICP, web/mobile apps, data science, startups/product-dev, mathJS/full-stack, online marketing, functional programming, and lots more.

Learn faster and better. Meet and make new friends from all over the world. Live the vision of mixing great software theory, practice, and people – and sharing it. As far as we know, there’s nothing like Hacker Retreat on Earth.


The Essentials

What happens during Hacker Retreat: you’ll meet/work every weekday at the same place (May-July 2014 is at the cool office of MS Ventures Berlin), and spend 2-3 hours learning what you want – usually in small groups with peers and mentors. Then spend the rest of the day as you want – do more learning, your client/remote work, your startup, etc.

Who will be there: Coders from anywhere in the world - productive in at least one language, keen to improve together. We look for people who like learning and are fun to hang out with. Currently, participants have strong skill and interest in SICP, Lisp, machine learning, data science, web development, architecture/design, JavaScript, Python, Hadoop, R, online marketing, startups, and more. We also invite mentors by what you, the participants, want to learn – they’ll be there in-person to share their wisdom.

When: May through July 2014. Minimum commitment is two months - attend May+June, June+July, or May through July. Exact days you arrive/leave are flexible.

Where: At Microsoft Ventures, Unter den Linden 17, in the heart of Berlin, Germany – a world-class city that’s taking the title of EU startup capital.

Why: Because you want to level-up your skills in a faster and funner way, both tech and non-tech skills like writing and speaking. Because you want to spend lots of time around good people doing interesting things! Not to mention enjoy warm weather in an exceptional city.

How: Take a look at the offer via the link below, and/or click around and read further. For those wondering, Hacker Retreat does cost money, to keep things simple for everyone involved. As you’ll see, we intend the value to far outpace the price.




The Hacker Retreat Experience

resident_benHacker Retreat is where great minds and devoted coders come together to hack, learn, and become friends. It’s building a supportive network of people who look out for you — including the best people in their respective fields. Learn from the best, and become the best, professionally, and socially. – B.Lupton, Fall 2013


JK-photoI joined Hacker Retreat because I knew from past experience that unless I carved out a separate time and space for my mathematical study, my day-to-day life would creep in and wash away my well-intended study time. I expected a steep learning curve. For these reasons I knew I’d need support to gel me to my path. For that, I couldn’t think of anything better than a room full of motivated autodidacts reporting to each other every day about their learnings. – J.Kinsella, Fall 2013



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